“And now we have a different path to share, one that I will leave before you.
But I promise that each day that we have together will be lived as a lifetime.

And when I am no longer there in this body, I will be there in your heart:
holding you in your dreams, loving you in your memories.”

Lynne Glasscoe


One of the challenges of life is knowing that there will be death. For some this is at the end of a long and eventful life.  For others it is a tragedy come far too soon. Every life deserves to be recognised in its unique way, reflecting the achievements, loves and even the problems of the person on their journey through life.  Whether it is a funeral or cremation service, a scattering of ashes, tree planting, or a memorial service, a personalised tribute will be created celebrating not only the life of the deceased, but their value as well.

This will be a compassionate, dignified and meaningful ceremony to also bring comfort and help to the family as the first step in healing in their passage through grief. It will incorporate your religious or spiritual elements if desired, without dogma. It is what you want to reflect the life of your loved one … and at the venue of your choice.

I am happy to work with any Funeral Director … although some may not be familiar with Independent Celebrants (and confuse them with Humanists who do not encourage any religious or spiritual references in their services).  Just pass on my details, I am registered with the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants UK who seek to pursue Excellence and Best Practise in ceremonies, and I will be happy to discuss the service with your chosen Funeral Director.

The ceremony includes home visit if feasible, telephone/email contact and Skype calls plus helpful support from me as your celebrant, draft eulogy for checking, order of service agreed (a draft order of service for your use can be emailed), liaison with your funeral director, professional delivery of service, your own written copy of eulogy and order of service.

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